Air & Acoustic Consultants can provide vibration surveys and assessments for a variety of applications.

We can provide environmental assessments to determine the risk of existing vibration sources, (railway, tube line or industrial processes etc.), or proposed sources, (new infrastructure, industrial plant) resulting in adverse impact upon existing or new receivers. Internal vibration surveys can be provided to determine any potential impacts and the mitigation requirement for proposed building services to avoid generating re-radiated noise.

Vibration surveys are carried out using a tri-axial accelerator, (measuring movement in the 3-dimensional axis. The accelerometer measures movement in Peak Particle Velocity and the Vibration Dose Value (VDV) is then derived from these measurements. These measurements are used to determine the probability of adverse impacts.

  • Human & Building Impact Assessment
  • Construction Vibration
  • Structural Vibration
  • Groundborne Vibration
  • Re-radiated Noise