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Air & Acoustic Consultants (AAC) were commissioned to undertake a noise assessment  to support a planning application for the change of use of the front part of Unit 315 from retail (Use Class A1) to a substation operation use (Sui Generis), and amalgamation of rear part of Unit 315 with Unit 313 for continued retail use (Use Class A1). External alterations to the frontage of Unit 315.

AAC undertook airborne sound insulation tests across the party floors/walls separating habitable rooms in accordance with the methodology described in BS EN ISO 140-4: 1998 for a new development and to assess the likely noise impact upon the adjacent residential property and assess the suitability for the installation of a new electrical substation within the ground floor of the residential building.

AAC has provided advice and guidance on the proposed internal mitigation strategy throughout the construction process and will undertake the post completion validation surveys and reports.