Air & Acoustic Consultants can provide a wide range of service including monitoring, modelling, and air quality impact assessments.

We provide comprehensive services for the assessment of air quality impacts including industrial/commercial and residential development, events. Project experience included Environmental Impact Assessments for small medium and large (city extension projects) developments, diffusion tube monitoring, construction dust monitoring and the investigation of dust nuisance.

  • Industrial, Commercial and Residential Developments
  • Construction Dust
  • Ecological and Habitats Regulatory Assessment
  • Air Quality Neutral
  • Odour Assessment (including measurement and dispersion modelling)
  • Industrial emissions modelling (CHP plants, Energy Centres) and stack height appraisal
  • Air Pollution Monitoring for a variety of air pollutants to support planning and permitting applications
  • Local Air Quality Management, Advise on policy matters, including Low Emission Strategies